VTB 24 retail bank design and financial marketing consultancy communications for mini branches by international branding agencies in the Russian banking sector.

VTB24 is one of the largest Russian banks, accounting for more than 1000 branches across the vast CIS territory. The Bank focuses on financial services for individuals, entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized corporate businesses, offering customers basic services typical of national and international financial activity.

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Digital convenience mini branch offers itself as a new brand ambassador at VTB24.
As a part of a strategic review to develop small retail bank formats, we were asked by the Marketing team of VTB24 to create a mini-branch format with a multichannel model of service, where customers have quick access to retail banking services at all points within the branch.

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Design agency POS for VTB 24

Design agency POS for VTB 24
Design agency POS for VTB 24

This compact footprint is ideal for high traffic areas like shopping malls.
After a period of benchmarking and research, our creative team set to work designing and developing three conceptual routes for the mini branch retail format. The concepts ranged from calm and classic, to modern and funky. We recommended the route that maintained strong brand recognition, whilst giving the branch environment a contemporary appearance. The solution aims to create an open welcoming mini bank that removes barriers and attracts customers. It seeks to elevate the VTB24 brand with contemporary and dynamic values and create a memorable emotional atmosphere in support of values contained within the business mission statement "Earning our customers’ trust is the most important thing we do".