Petrol forecourt retail store design and branding
The petrol forecourt urban retail landscape is changing and new emphasis is being placed on branding and design, the quality of the retail store offer alongside, digital app's and fuel brands. Retail spaces will become more attractive both to customers and to a range of high street brands looking for exposure.

In view of the above, the marketing executive of the Western Oil Group (WOG) in Kiev, Ukraine developed a brief for their Sun Market stores which are located on WOG petrol forecourts.

Three forecourt formats were identified for change: The Motorway (with a 150m2 sales area), the Urban (with a 100 m2 sales area) and the Urban reduced (with a 50-60 m2 sales area)

WOG management wanted to be seen as a confident brand, a challenger to it's larger rivals and reflect a shift to a modern, coffee and food retail operation.

The brief stated that the design solution must provide a vision for a future brand platform for the retail operation.

1. It is necessary to provide space for a meal on all types of forecourts (tables with bar stools or traditional tables and chairs)
2. Motorway and Urban formats should be provided with outdoor cafe (max area up to 30 m2)
3. Drive-through services for the Urban 100 m2 format, if there is no partner (i.e. KFC or McDonalds).
4. Urban formats should also provide additional service: receiving mail, dry cleaning, pharmacy and ATM terminals.
5. A children's play areas
6. Toilets with baby changing tables ect.

The atmosphere of the retail store should be warm and friendly and welcoming, creating a feeling of comfort and desire for the customer to develop loyalty to the brand. The retail merchandising solutions should accommodate impulse and seasonal goods as well as active trade marketing material and clear navigation.

What we did for WOG
Working closely with a steering group put together by the Managing Director of WOG for the project, the CampbellRigg creative team presented strategy, branding, retail design, merchandising and format planning solutions. Following the input from key WOG stakeholders, and latest customer feedback concerning the brand, the proposals were then developed to a final stage and a presentation was made to the Board of Directors.

The ideas covered a spectrum of design directions, from the conservative to the most progressive and innovative brand and format planning solutions.

The images shown throughout this case study have been taken from presentations to WOG executive and illustrate our approach to retail branding, planning the customer journey, visualising store interiors and detailing architectural plans and elevations prior to construction.

To help petrol forecourt operators consider the brand development process, we have identified a shortlist of five potential solutions to help our clients resolve important issues throughout the brand development process.

We aim to:
1. Identify technological standards and solutions as per consumer trends and requirements.
2. Implement feasibility and cost-benefit analysis.
3. Create branding, merchandising solutions, format planning, CAD drawings, prototyping, consumer focus group research and validation requirements.
4. Create physical prototypes of shortlisted solutions.
5. Test prototypes in real-life situation.

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