M.Video retail electrical store brand wall, Moscow

Innovative retail store design, branding, and visual merchandising for Technology Stores 
Harvard Business School professor John Quelch, writing in The Financial Times, said instead of cutting budgets businesses need to know more than ever how consumers are redefining value, and how they are responding to the recession. A downturn is “no time to stop spending on marketing”.

Businesses like M.Video, one of the largest and most successful electrical retailers in Russia, increased their use of design services, and advertising during the downturn to maintain their position as no.1 in their market.

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M.Video retail electrical store brand wall, Moscow

How to create a technology store interior design that gets people to purchase more products
M.Video decided they needed to launch a new store concept in a bigger way. They threw open the challenge to a number of design agwencies to develop a new retail store concept with new in-store communications. Their aim was to open twelve trial stores.

When the CEO and management team of M.Video invested in our store design and format planning services they saw like for like sales increase 32% on their test stores and as a consequence immediately invested in a 280 store refurbishment programme within 36 months of the prototypes opening.

M.Video retail electrical store design hanging signs and brand wall - Moscow


Brand consulting and retail store interior design amd marketing services
Our concept would integrate the best customer experience and online self-service help desks in a traditional retail environment. An entirely new sub brand was created to promote service, the M.Service brand was launched soon after. The credit zone was redesigned to be more accessible and open for customers at the point of purchase and the checkout area was enhanced with a ‘History Wall’.

M.Video retail electrical in-store VM display - Moscow

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A full suite of service communication material was developed for use at the point of purchase and to aid customer choice a new ‘Knowledge’ communication suite was developed. All these elements dovetailed to produce a vibrant new brand environment for their stores.

With an ever-increasing choice of product in store, our design had to embrace the cutting edge of electrical retail store design solutions. So a new store plan was created with fixture systems that improved product display and increased the store profitability.

M.Video retail electrical in-store VM display - Moscow


The all-important vindication:-
As with all projects our client needed to see that our efforts would help to produce a boost in sales. The first store opening in Moscow showed that that year-on-year sales had seen a significant boost. Operational team feedback from M.Video was very positive too: “The end result was in line with our expectations”, “overall we were happy with the cost”. There were the “normal challenges of a new concept store” but M.Video were “satisfied” with the quality of the final concept design.
In October of 2011, we received recommendation of our achievements from the President & CEO of M.Video,
Alexander Tynkovan:

“In September 2010 M.Video company, the leader of consumer electronic retail market in Russia, started up the project with the final goal of creation new store design concept for the format we operate in. In the result of tendering process CampbellRigg was chosen as partner for this project. In the process of fruitful and positive cooperation we received from CampbellRigg unique solutions which were developed taking into account M.Video brand identity and views of our marketing team. The new format proved its success uplifting sales levels and attracting new customers to our stores. Therefore I would like to give positive recommendation for CampbellRigg as a reliable partner and successful design creator.”
CampbellRigg were shortlisted from scores of entries for the RetailWeek Interiors Award – International Non-Food Large Format of the Year for it's work for M.Video in Russia.

M.Video retail electrical in-store POS material and VM display - Moscow

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M.Video retail electrical digital POS material - Moscow - by Campbelligg M.Video retail electrical digital internat TV, POS material and brand wall - Moscow - by Campbelligg


M.Video retail electrical in-store VM display - Moscow

M.Video retail electrical store design layout

the store before

the store after

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