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Food News / 05.09.2017

Amazon Go and food retail design

Amazon is laying the groundwork to bring its checkout-free grocery store "Amazon Go" to America and Europe, as the Seattle based on-line giant steps up efforts to enter the global food market. Amazon Go deliberately avoid using...
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Food News / 04.09.2017

Branding and Hypermarket design trends Albert Heijn

When Albert Heijn XL opened it's doors in Eindhoven, we saw a completely renewed retail hypermarket brand concept, full of technological innovations. The XL is a big mega store with a world of food, colour, theatre and smell. It is lively...
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Food News / 24.12.2016

Fresh food convenience store design consultant

For anyone who likes good food from convenience stores, we follow the latest food trends when designing these formats. We seek to work with the best retailers, food bloggers, suppliers and engineers to anticipate where the consumer demand and tren...
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Food News / 14.09.2016

Whole Foods Market retail store design

How small producers thrive and helped define the Whole Foods Market business model. When Whole Foods Market first opened its doors as a small natural and organic retailer in 1980, local producers were the lifeblood of th...
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Food News / 08.09.2016

Convenience food retail store design

When you look at the heart of a large city it is clear that there is room for diversification of food and non-food formats. Micro-convenience store concepts are the ultra compact store covering less than a 100sqm and have long been in fa...
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Food News / 06.08.2016

Digital design brings new opportunities to food retail consultants

Food retail: digital brings new opportunities to brick-and-mortar On June, 6, 2016 Amazon has launched it's full online supermarket service in the UK. With other major players, such as Ocado, already influencing the mar...
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