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Fashion News / 17.09.2017

Children’s fashion and toy retail design brand agency

The creation of the Detskiy Mir store concept was inspired by children's fashion and toy retail trends from across the globe and profiled to target audience expectations. The strategy for the repositioning of the Detskiy Mir brand wa...
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Fashion News / 30.08.2017

PRADA 2017 campaign fashion design branding and Willy Vanderperre

When a luxury spirits industry client briefed us with their brand strategy, they asked that we research creative ideas and trends in fashion branding and design. In a previous article we chose to look at Mario Testino who worked with the retail br...
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Fashion News / 28.08.2017

MICHAEL KORS fashion design and Mario Testino

A client recently asked us to identify creative ideas and trends in fashion retail branding. During our research we came across the photographer Mario Testino who had been working with Michael Kors. The lights and opulence of Las Vegas i...
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Fashion News / 18.08.2017

Fashion retail design trends in Turkey - brand agency

Boyner, the fashion and department store retailer has 139 stores in 37 provinces in Turkey, with 6 different retailing concepts - Boyner department stores, Boyner Sports, YKM Sport concept stores, Outlet Stores and YKM Stores.  In a...
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Fashion News / 02.03.2017

Fashion retail store design vs. digital divide

In 2017 and the near future, consumers will want the best of all worlds physical and virtual. We observe a complex brand landscape is developing where consumers want the latest in technology, more personalised experiences and opportunities to inte...
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Fashion News / 04.12.2016

Department store design and Black Friday promotions

Heavily discounted boots have been adopted by U.S. retailers nationwide as the perfect ‘door-buster’ for Black Friday. “Department stores have found an alternative to the low-price TVs sold by electronic chains to draw...
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Fashion News / 22.09.2016

Department store design Omni-channel consultants

How to create a department store interior design that get people to purchase more products. In the 21st Century department store selling comes 2nd, and Omni-channel shopping is here to stay. We expect that over the next...
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Fashion News / 02.09.2016

Instagram is a new selling platform

Whilst retail store design remains important for retailers. There are however, some interesting new developments taking shape in the market. The clothing retailer TopShelf Style, a San Fransico based retailer, is a recent example of social media s...
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