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other / 18.07.2017

Leroy Merlin DIY retail trends through the eyes of brand consultants

Customers are demanding more and more from retailers, and retailers are demanding even more from their brand consultants. There is an expectation the retail customer will be serviced and marketed to in ways that are personalised and conv...
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Electronic News / 30.06.2017

Driving retail telecoms sales with brand consultants

Executing a telecoms brand and store design strategy in this increasingly complex world requires excellence in every aspect of retail and achieving retail excellence is not easy. The executive management team of MegaFon, Russia's second larges...
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other / 27.04.2017

Omni-channel retail brand strategy consultants

Omni-channel is a powerful strategy for retailers to improve their customer experience, sales, loyalty and business performance. By 2018, 30% of major retailers will adopt an omni-channel digital B2B and B2C commerce platform, improving...
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Fashion News / 02.03.2017

Fashion retail store design vs. digital divide

In 2017 and the near future, consumers will want the best of all worlds physical and virtual. We observe a complex brand landscape is developing where consumers want the latest in technology, more personalised experiences and opportunities to inte...
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