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As part of a wider remit for the development of a new corporate identity for the Group, we were asked to create a new brand environment expression for their hypermarket format. The ‘look and feel’ of the in-store experience was now in question and Tesco management wanted; a more customer focused in-store experience which involved creating a new hypermarket store concept in Accrington Lancashire, England.

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We follow grocery food retail innovations closely and are always looking for new brand concepts
For Tesco Extra at Accrington our planning principles endeavoured to create:- A more intuitive easy to shop customer journey. Destination ‘hero’ areas in dead corners of the store. Link the total fresh experience to reinforce credibility in category. Link pharmacy and optician as a wellbeing ‘hero zone’. Service expertise at key points in the store and self service checkouts and scan as you shop as an easier way to shop.

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Audit:- The first stage of Tesco’s branding programme required a visual audit. The visual audit is a structured method of finding out how a brand is being implemented and applied.

Design & Brand Expression:-
At the next stage we set our marketers and designers tasks to define, articulate and embrace the philosophy, the vision, mission, values and purpose of the in-store brand expressions. We list below some of the current issues which best meet consumer needs, and the purpose of the Tesco brand expression:

With Tesco you get unbeatable value: good prices, great deals, the best choice and guaranteed quality, all under one roof.

With Tesco, Every Little Helps: you can depend on us to be reliable and efficient, and we’re always looking for ways to help make your lives easier.

No one tries harder for customers: we really listen, so that we can understand what you want, and keep improving what we do.

Tesco is open for you: whoever you are, however you like to shop and whatever your budget, our full range of products and services can be browsed, bought, collected or delivered in a way to suit you.

We think your loyalty deserves a thank you: everything you do with us earns you Clubcard points, which add up quickly to great rewards.

Our staff are important, they run our business: we treat them with respect, and try and make their jobs easier so they can give you the service you want, every time.

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Your community is our community: we want to play our part, supporting your charities and your schools, and helping you and your families lead more active, healthy lives.

We treat our suppliers fairly: we have long-term relationships and we work with them to bring employment and improved living standards close to home, and around the world.

We care passionately about our food: all Tesco products are tested by customers and we work tirelessly to make them better, tastier and healthier.

We take a lead on climate change: we are dramatically reducing our own carbon footprint and we will make it easier and cheaper for you to do your bit.

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How to create a hypermarket store interior design that gets people to purchase more products
Following a period of blue sky creativity, we selected “candidate” ideas and made specific recommendations as to which direction we felt best measures up to the agreed creative criteria, based on the brand expressions identified by Tesco stakeholders and focus group research.

The ideas covered a spectrum of design solutions, from the conservative to the most progressive and innovative. The “candidate” ideas were then tested at focus group research forums, and one solution was then brought forward for development. During the next stages of the project, we detailed and refined the designs so that they could be implemented as part of the “brand environment tool kit”.  

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Our work featured interior store design, exterior design for all signage and point of sale communications, lighting systems, merchandising systems solutions, café, shop fronts, landscaping, and car park.

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The point of difference with the in-store integrated brand communications
The 'ribbon' design feature links key departments and helps customers navigate the store and engage with new sign messaging. We believe it was a real step forward in functionality and tangibly a more modern store than the run of the mill Tesco big box experience. “It’s homely....the decorations, the signage and the layout, even though it is new, it feels familiar”.

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Independent research:- Tesco engaged a market research consultancy to measure customer reaction to the completed stores. The overall objective was for independent research to understand the initial impressions and impacts made by the new look and feel at both stores. Customer feedback was indeed positive about the new design, aligning with the brand expressions.

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The findings from research at Tesco Extra Accrington concluded that that the new design approach seems to be a tangible step forward for customers shopping the Tesco brand. Though it is very early days, customers have noticed and are positive about the design elements. The use of colour appeals and feels more welcoming. 

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