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Wal-Mart is the largest retailer in the world and, with over 300 ASDA stores, is the second largest retailer in the UK. When Andy Bond, CEO ASDA Stores, instituted a programme for horizons of change. He sought to re-establish the position of the ASDA as “Britain's best value retailer by exceeding customer’s needs - Always!”  

We offer retailers brand, marketing communications strategies and format design solutions to support management teams who aim to bring fresh, tasty and healthy products, within reach of today’s consumers
Our task started with an audit of the brand environment, store communication suites, and was followed with recommendations for the formula for change. The aim of the programme was to be more relevant to changing customer trends. Communicating quality, freshness, commitment and care for the environment.

we aim to be innovative and visionary

The solution to the problem of the one dimension proposition was found in a three dimensional approach to communicating benefits. Values associated with stewardship of land, the relationship of seasons to agricultural production, the farmer the individual and community offered a surprising array of marketing opportunities.  

The “More” concept emerged along the following lines for the following reasons. Consumers continually ask “What’s in it for me?” The answer is “More for you”. Expect more  and pay less.  By being more contemporary and more confident, Asda management grasped the success in delivering on an expectation of more …” More for you at ASDA Price!” 

The concept took shape: More local, More fresh, More healthy, More caring and More committed. Why was the “More” concept relevant?

clear messages at all points along the customer journey

Asda car park signage

existing above proposed left

way finding and advertising unity

Asda car park advertising

car park advertising

Asda integrated brand communications advertising

The “More” concept was broken down into:
More local – ASDA source more local produce within 15 miles of their stores than any other supermarket; More fresh – ASDA are committed to reducing the amount of GM food; More healthy – ASDA food pledge aims to reduce fat, salt and sugar levels in ASDA brand products; More caring – ASDA put their customers, the community and the environment first; More committed – 60% of all waste is recycled and they’re working on the other 40%; More freshness – By sourcing British food where possible, the time it takes to get food to the stores is reduced.

Asda packaging design for organic vegetables

New design concept for the bakery department at Asda

New design concept for the health and beauty department at Asda

The store before

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