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Retail bank branch design
In today’s business environment, banks operating in retail space require a change resilient brand with a vertically integrated value chain capable of delivering the most competitive products and services. This requirement is redefining the boundaries of a banks value chain creating greater value added branding opportunities from the lowest point of the delivery channels.

Deposit growth is akin to store sales growth, considered by retailers to be the most important measure of the success of a retail business. It gets at the heart of business viability. Accordingly, branch networks will be transformed into sales and advice outlets – they will become more productive than today and their costs will be considerably lower.

HSBC Bank retail interior design consultancy

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What we did for HSBC
At a strategy briefing, to position HSBC as a leading UK high street retailer of financial products and mortgage services, the HSBC Marketing and Development team asked us to conduct research in retail branch design trends, analyse a number of their real branch formats, and prepare creative design proposals for their retail banking division. 

We understand banks are faced with expensive assets to maintain. However, the branch is critical to the definition of the bank's brand differentiation on the high street. The multi-channel approach to banking has simply confirmed the branch as the embodiment of the bank's core values and branding. When re-engineering branch formats we take into account, sales, technology, security, brand, marketing ambience and accessibility.

We suggest management should not focus solely on overall deposit growth, but on branding, branch design, performance of individual offices and new digital channels designed to create “engagement” for the user, thereby capturing these channels’ full sales potential.

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HSBC bank branch retail design brand consultants

The exisiting module

HSBC bank retail interior design consultants

The exisiting module

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