Bombay Sapphire Reign Agency brand building marketing campaign for Bacardi Global Travel Retail

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Airport retail brands, an activation campaign for Bombay Sapphire Reign - territorial power
With this activation programme everything followed from the packaging design. Entitled Reign, the creative work takes its inspiration from the sophisticated cocktail glass designed for Bombay Sapphire by Eva Zeisel. Using innovative printing techniques to achieve the extraordinary visual effect, WSdV has emulated the prismatic reflections of the glistening sphere of Zeisel’s glass. Imagery of the iconic blue bottle with its geometric shape maintains its hero status on every side of the carton, emphasising its authority. The prismatic spheres appear to magnify some key message on the bottle, cleverly communicating details of the botanics.

There’s something inside, Bombay Sapphire Reign, duty free VM display

Advertising  and integrated marketing services for Bombay Sapphire Reign
A focus was placed on engaging our brand team responsible for delivering the Bombay Sapphire Reign story in airports. The point of sale material is beautifully adorned with the iconic blue bottle with its prismatic lens shape, our brand team creatively captured the essence of the packaging design to achieve the striking visual effect in each aiport. The activation programme at Schiphol is one illustration of multiple applications of assets by our brand team to airports across the globe.

There’s something inside Suphala and there’s something inside Duncan Quinn, marketing campaign for Bombay Sapphire


Bombay Sapphire Reign airport VM display brand installation for Bacardi Global Travel Retail

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