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Creating a fashion store and brand identity for a 'Multi Brand' retailer
Founded in 2000, Familia now is a strong and dynamic company, with more than 80 stores in Moscow and across Russia. It is a discount store for branded products of past collections and offers men's, women's and children's apparel and shoes, as well as other areas such as toys and home products.

Familia is a multi brand retailer with a similar buying policy to TK Maxx, Ross and Burlington. If you've shopped Familia stores, you know that their stock changes all the time and bargains don't stay on our shelves for long. They don't tend to reorder individual items and the stock rooms in stores do not hold replenishment stock. So when saying 'when it's gone, it's gone,' they really mean it.

Familia, Russia’s fashion retail brand consultants Familia, Russia’s best off price fashion retail brand agency

We help business leaders discover and define a powerful brand narrative 
In order to signal to Familia customers that something new is happening at Familia, we proposed to look at evolving the existing Brand Identity. We did not want to lose connection with the current Brand but proposed to refine it, give it more personality and make it more fashion focused. We looked at the existing brand colours and suggest a refreshed palette with a more contemporary appeal. The purple colour was new for Russian Fashion Retail sector and aimed to increase the brand recognition.

As the requirements for the store fit out to be strictly in the approved budget, the main criteria for the new design ideas was a combination of image, functionality, quality and durability. The new concept needed to be flexible, to apply to different sizes and formats.

Familia, Russia’s best off price fashion retail design consultants Fashion retail design consultants Familia, Russia brand agency Familia, Russia’s best off price design consultant

Disruptive brand thinking requires innovation
We work closely with our clients to develop new brands, products and services that are rooted in, and bring to life, what makes them special. We think it’s this kind of brand-led innovation that proves sustainably successful. We developed comprehensive integrated brand marketing and communications strategy for Familia marketers. A new retail store brand identity, with more fashion flare followed and a comprehensive brand toolkit at the point of purchase was couple to a new on-line digital web site.

The graphic communications suites for each of level of; navigation, information and promotion, was then aligned with the new brand identity.

The interior store design and VM display solutions for “Podium”, a zone which allows the retailer to feature latest arrivals was carefully crafted to increase sales.

Retail design strategy consultants Familia, Russia

Concept mood board

Fashion retail brand agency Familia, Russia Familia, Russia’s best off price fashion retail digital web site design consultant

Familia, Russia fashion store design agency

We designed the website

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